Overview and course curriculum

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  • Course Curriculum

    Module 1: Introduction and Overview

    Helping you get noticed, nominated, and seated is why BoardSuited® was created. In this module you will meet Joyce Brocaglia, Founder and CEO of BoardSuited®. She sets the stage for how best to leverage the learning to achieve your individual goals, as well as giving you an opportunity to begin navigating our highly intuitive online platform. Topics covered include: Founder & CEO Welcome Message, Course Overview

  • Course Curriculum

    Module 2: Boardroom 101: Types of Boards

    Learning to leverage your career path, network, reputation and expertise to find the right board for you begins with understanding the types of boards. In this module, you will meet Susan Keating, CEO of Woman Corporate Directors, the largest organization of women board members globally. Susan frames the fundamental and nuance differences in each type of board – from nonprofit and advisory boards to pubic and for-profit boards. Susan and other contributors will help you to understand different ownership structures, as well as the expectation of fund raising that comes with nonprofit board service. Topics covered include: Overview of Types of Boards, Non-Profit Board Types and Service, University Board Service, Advisory and Private Boards, Startup Boards, Public vs. Private Boards, non-Profit vs. For-Profit Boards

  • Course Curriculum

    Module 3: Boardroom 101: Board Structure

    Learning which board is best for you requires understanding board structure and the essential differences between corporate and nonprofit governance, why board charters are important and specifically the high-level skills needed to an effective board director. Topics covered include: Board Governance: Why Do You Need Good Governance?, The Role of the Board: Board Governance vs Corporate Governance, The Board Charter: Why Is the Board Charter Important?, Board Composition

  • Course Curriculum

    Module 4: Boardroom 101: Legal Responsibilities

    One of the keys to your future success as a board member is not only having a basic understanding of the legal and regulatory responsibilities of the board, director duties, protections and what constitutes a conflict of interest. Topics covered include: Legal Responsibilities and Protections, Director Duties: Care, Loyalty and Independence, Conflicts of Interest, Director Protections

  • Course Curriculum

    Module 5: Board Responsibilities Part 1

    Boards govern, they don not manage. In this module, you’ll learn about the board’s role in strategy, CEO selection, succession planning and talent management. Board directors are expected to keep up with the competitive landscape, while working well with the CEO. Topics covered include: Overview of Board Responsibilities, A Closer Look: Strategy, A Closer Look: CEO Selection, A Closer Look: CEO Succession Planning, A Closer Look: Talent Management

  • Course Curriculum

    Module 6: Board Responsibilities Part 2

    In this module you will learn that good board governance requires boards to proactively review, question and even challenge the information management presents. Prepare to meet Fernando Acquire, Board of Directors and the current Chair of the Nominations Governance Committee for Aetna and the past Chair for Levi Straus. He will share what he gleans from the balance sheet, income statement, the cashflow reports and statements of shareholder equity and what are key questions board members should consider. Topics covered include: Fiduciary Responsibilities: Financial Governance and Long-Term Value, Financial Statements and Operational Performance Reports, Expert Insight – Audit / compensation / Nominating & Governance committees, Board Committee Charters: What It’s Like to Chair a Committee, Board Calendar

  • Course Curriculum

    Module 7: Getting on a Board

    Now you are ready to start picturing yourself at the table. Hear from CEOs, like Laura Tapia, Independent Director, Rendilitros Private Gas Company and Jim Routh, Chief Security Officer at MassMutual, while you learn about typical paths to the boardroom and how they lend their expertise to impact shareholder value. Now is the time to begin creating your personal roadmap course—from personal value proposition and Board CV to understanding the role of social media and networking. Topics covered include: Overview of Your Path to a Board Seat, Perspective on the Number of Available Board Seats, Typical Career Paths to the Boardroom, Why Financial Expertise Matters, What Does a Marketing Executive Bring to a Board?, Cybersecurity Expertise on a Board, What Boards Look for in a Corporate Director, Character and Reputation Matter, The Power of Networking

  • Course Curriculum

    Module 8: Board Inner Workings

    Getting on a board is one thing – being effective is quite another. In this module you will the nuances of board culture and what constitutes good board etiquette, both key to your future successful. Learn practical day-to-day success factors, like how to interact with the CEO and staff, to navigate the different board communication styles. Topics covered include: Corporate Boards Are About the Business, Board Culture and How Work Gets Done, Board Etiquette and Communication Styles, How Boards Interact with the CEO and Staff

  • Course Curriculum

    Module 9: Summary & Next Steps

    Putting it all together, in this module you will have an opportunity to review the most critical aspects of board service. Get ready to hear how many of our contributors got their first board seat. Their personal journey’s promise to challenge your strategic thinking and how raising your profile will advance your candidacy. Topics covered include: Course Summary, A Closer Look: How Existing Board Members Got on Boards, Expert Advice and Next Steps

Your BoardSuited® Journey

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    how boards operate, member roles, and responsibilities

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  • Create

    your board CV, bio, pitch and activate your network

  • Understand

    board compensation, inner workings and etiquette

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