Technology is a strategic imperative in nearly every organization today. As organizations are embracing emerging technologies to get ahead, board leadership structures have evolved significantly. Companies today are seeking to appoint tech-fluent board members to lead the change in this dynamic business environment. BoardSuited® is an innovative executive education company, designed to prepare senior executives for Public, Private, Non-Profit and Advisory Board candidacy and service. BoardSuited® offers executives the comprehensive preparation they need to obtain their first board seat with the convenience of a self-paced, online learning environment they seek.

Bringing together a cadre of highly respected current board directors and a robust curriculum, BoardSuited® delivers invaluable insights, while providing learners with a personal roadmap to the boardroom. Unlike many other options on the market that have barriers to entry, BoardSuited requires no previous board service, no membership, and best of all, no travel or time off.

Joyce Brocaglia is the Founder and CEO of BoardSuited®. For the past three decades, she has dedicated her career to advancing diversity in leadership. In 1986, she founded Alta Associates. Today, Alta is the leading executive search firm that specializes in Cybersecurity, Risk Management and Transformational Technologies; with 50% of their searches filled with diverse candidates. In 2002, Joyce founded the Executive Women’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy (EWF), a membership organization dedicated to advancing women leaders in their field. 

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